MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for Country Road, River Walk, Woodland Trail and Native Stone


I. Product Identification

Name: Natures Reflections Luxury Vinyl Tile

Description: Vinyl Flooring


II. Department of Transportation Information

Shipping Name: Not classified.

Hazard Class: N/A

ID #: N/A


III. HMIS (0 = minimal hazard: 4 = severe hazard)

Health = 0

Flammability = 1

Reactivity = 0


IV. Product Content

This product does not contain chemicals subject to the reporting requirements of section 313 of SARA Title III and 40 CFR 372. All components are on TSCA inventory. This product does not contain asbestos or formaldehyde.


V. Hazardous Ingredients

(Chemical Identity; Common Name)     C.A.S. No.     %     OSHA PEL     ACGIH TLV

None                                                         N/A            N/A         N/A                N/A


Description and Ingredient Information

These vinyl flooring products are produced for residential and commercial (architectural) marketplace use. They come in a variety of designs, styles and colors.


Miscellaneous Information

Each of these products is classified as an “article” according to Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, OSHA Part1910.1200(c). They are formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture, have end use functions dependent upon their shape or design, and do not release any hazardous chemical under normal conditions of use.


VI. Physical Data

Appearance: Material dependent

Boiling Point (Degrees F): N/A

Vapor Pressure (mmHg @ 20 degrees C): N/A

Vapor Density (Air = 1): N/A

Percent Volatile By Weight (30 min. @ 275 degrees F): N/A

Evaporation Rate (Butyl Acetate = 1) : N/A

Solubility In Water: N/A

Specific Gravity (h20 = 1): N/A



VII. Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flash Point: N/A

Flammable Range: LEL = N/A; UEL = N/A

Extinguishing Media: Water

Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Protect fire fighters from toxic products of combustion by wearing self-contained breathing apparatus.

Unusual Fire And Explosion Hazards: None


VIII. Health Hazard Data

Primary Routs of Entry: N/A

Target Organs: N/A

Effects of Overexposure: N/A

Skin And Eyes: N/A

Inhalation: N/A

Carcinogenicity: NTP: No

IARC Monographs: No

OSHA Regulated: No

Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated By Exposure: N/K

First Aid Procedures: N/A Skin and Eyes: N/A; Inhalation: N/A; Ingestion: N/A.


IX. Reactivity Data

Stability: N/A

Incompatibility: N/A

Hazardous Decomposition Products: N/A

Hazardous Polymerization: N/A


X. Spill or Leak Procedures

Steps To Be Taken If material Is Released Or Spilled: N/A

Waste Disposal Method: Dispose of in accordance with local waste disposal regulations


XI. Safe Handling and Use Information

Ventilation: N/A

Respiratory Protection: N/A

Skin And Eye Protection: N/A


XII. Special Precautions

Precautions To Be Taken In Handling And Storage: N/A

Other Precautions: N/A


XIII. Warning

For previously installed floor covering do not sand, dry scrape, bead blast, or mechanically pulverize existing resilient flooring, backing or lining felt. These products may contain either asbestos fibers or crystalline silica. Possible cancer and respiratory tract hazard by inhalation may be possible. Avoid creating dust.


XIV. Notice

Certain government agencies have regulations governing the removal of in place asbestos containing materials. You should determine if such regulations apply to you. Safe work practices must be employed when working with any materials. It is important that the end user make a determination regarding the adequacy of the safety procedures employed during the use of this product.

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